The Story

After the destruction of his planet Kapiata by the Gigantic Chimera, Gédeon, a little alien, narrowly escaped his galaxy to find another place to live. After travelling a long time in the intergalactic space, his spaceship turned out of fuel and crashed on a strange and wild planet where lives Atakapu’s, a wild and primitive tribe. This planet reveals to be as dangereous as its habitants and many dangers waits in the shadow of the Kapu Mont, a hugge volcano lying on the planet.

His purpose will be to collect atomic fuel and pieces to fix his ship up and quickly escape to find another planet to live.

The Gameplay

Atakapu is a 2.5D platformer videogame speedrun oriented. The main gameplay is based on a switch wich allows you to choose between different costumes that will give you special abilities. We have at this moment two types of gameplay: the Agility and the Attack mode. The concept of our game will be to change between these two gameplays directly in game at anytime to adapt you to the environment, platforms and enemies.

The purpose of every level is to finish it the quickest way possible with the maximum of orbs that give you points.